Hello! My name is
Svetlana Shlyamina

8 (999) 207 33 61
I'm passionate UI/UX designer.
I'm 31 and currently living in Europe as digital nomad.
I have 10+ years of proven end-to-end experience developing and managing the development of innovative and intuitive interfaces for websites, apps and games, and high quality assets for games.
Magic Fall
Simple and beautiful hyper casual game. I've created all visuals, including UI and vfx.
Other Hyper Casual Projects
I made all visual for these games as well, including interface, assets and effects.
Chop Chop Mania
Neon Race
Technical skills
  • Skills
    Freehand art proficiency



    Vector art


    UI/UX design

  • Soft
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe After Effects
    Adobe Indesign
    Corel Draw
    Autodesk Maya
    Autodesk 3ds Max
    Unreal engine
Work Experience
Lead UI/UX designer at Red Rift
Developing user interface prototypes for mobile games and desktop games, leading small crew of 5 people, making UX and UI documentation (technical specifications for the tasks, problem framing tables, design systems and converting GD documents to UX mockups), estimating, collecting references, creating UI style and presentations for stockholders, participating interviews for additions for the UI team of the company, giving reviews to HRs, controlling quality of UI team performance, keeping in order and exporting ui elements ready-to-go for development team, testing final design on various devices.
UI/UX designer at Space Sauce
2019 - 2021
Developing user interface prototypes for mobile rpg, creating ui design, exporting ui elements to engine, creating animated effects for ui in engine, testing final design on various devices.
Art director at white room games
2018 - 2019
Lead the development of all visual media and oversaw the workflow of the design team and development of User Interfaces. Prototyping and creating UI, exporting assets for unity engine, creating vfx, related to UI/UX in unity engine. Ensured high quality visual media development from start to end through designing 2D and 3D elements and managing other designers.
Art lead at Uroboros
2017 - 2018 (contractor)
Lead the visual media development for the Indie video game "Swag and Sorcery". Helped reconceptualize previously done visual media and ensure industry standards.
Freelance UI/UX designer
2015 - 2018
Constructed User Interfaces and developed visual media for various companies. Created vfx animation for applications and websites.
Lead UI/UX designer at ORT
Lead development of website and applications, prototyping app user interfaces, developing end-to-end design of websites and mobile applications, managing team of designers and developers.
UI designer at Aveas Studio
Constructed user interfaces and developed visual media for web and mobile applications.
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